132 seconds of Juniper in the baby swing on a rainy day

This last semester was busy. And busy semesters are usually stressful semesters. It should have been a lot more stressful, though, seeing as how we have a new baby in the house. (I need to be careful what I say here, since Sarah has been doing most of the rearing while I finished my last semester pre-parental-leave…) But this baby is an easy baby! Unlike her angry predecessor (who shall remain nameless), Juniper wants nothing more than to catch your eye and smile back at you. She has moments of discontent, of course, but for the most part she is one laid back baby!

We’ve got a electric baby swing in the living room. It doesn’t look very nice and it takes up a lot of space, but it was one of the few reliable methods we had of calming Angry Otis when he was a baby. The clicks and creaks the swing makes have therefore come to be very relaxing sounds in my ears. Here’s June in the swing on a rainy day while I napped (recorded) on the couch nearby.