161 seconds of opera on a boat with frat boys

On a trip to the Berkshires last summer, we came home after dinner one evening to the sound of music echoing across the water. Conducting an investigation down on the dock, we discovered a small flotilla assembled around a pontoon boat with a piano and a singer. I believe the stunt was kind of promotional event for an upcoming concert.

The whole thing seemed a little presumptuous to me, but fortunately there was an equally loud an obnoxious mitigating factor: a gaggle of drunken frat boys, several houses down, had climbed through a window and assembled on the porch roof. They were as loud as the music and the two forces nicely balanced each other out. Add some careful dock shuffling and distracted commentary from Otis regarding a small swarm of evening insects and you had a perfect evening’s entertainment!

Listen for the “WHERE’S THE OPERA?!” right at the beginning and triumphant cheers when the request is fulfilled…