70 seconds of an echo dome in the Logan Hyatt Regency lobby

We got held up on our way back to Potsdam. First, the oil pressure warning light came on and our JetBlue flight had to make an emergency landing in Charleston. (When it turned out that we were going to be stuck there for 5+ hours, they placated us passengers by ordering Jimmy Johns from a place near the airport. Cute and effective.) This caused us to miss our Cape Air flight to Saranac, so they put us up in the Logan Hyatt Regency. After a week of surfing, I was totally mellow. And the killer view of the Boston skyline was an added bonus!

Next morning, while June and Sarah caught up on their sleep, Otis and I explored the hotel. We saw planes taking off, watched boats in the harbor, and snuck into a secret staircase, but the best part was the domed ceiling above the lobby next to the front desk. It was perfectly shaped to echo any sounds made under it. (Amazingly, if you stood just a few feet outside of the dome, you couldn’t hear the echos at all!)

Here’s Otis running around and making echo-y noises: