121 seconds of Otis observing bees and ladybugs on lilacs

There are several large lilac bushes behind our house. I love lilacs, so this was a big factor when we were buying the house. They don’t always bloom very much—you get much better flowers when you keep the bushes cut way back—but the last couple of years have been real humdingers. I’m told that a […]

a xylophone that I made for a final project in college

In addition to my non-performance music major, I graduated from Boston University with a minor in art history. (I’m fond of bragging about my prowess in selecting the most worthless major/minor combination possible.) As part of the requirements for my chosen minor, I took a class called Arts of Africa (CAS AH 215). Prof. Pilar Quezzaire-Belle gave […]

100 seconds of crows cawing in a tree near our house

A bunch of crows hang out near our house in the early morning. Every day the 50-strong murder picks a new tree for their roosting/terrorizing. I don’t know why they have to make so much noise, but the whole scene is pretty unnerving. I’m usually out and about at this hour, walking the dog or walking […]

a collection of sounds I’ve heard

I’ve kept a more-or-less daily photoblog for a little over eleven years now. At last count there were 3,414 posts. That’s a lot of days and a lot of (self-indulgent and artsy-fartsy) pictures! I’ve been thinking about ways to build on the idea and my latest brainstorm should have been obvious a long time ago: a […]