72 seconds of the dryer that caught fire

In our old apartment, in West Stockholm, we had a washer and a dryer. The washer was fine, but the dryer caught fire. In retrospect, the warning signs were there. It used the squeak like a motherfucker. So much so that we would never do laundry if we were trying to watch TV. I guess I kinda figured it would just stop working one day. I never imagined that the squeaking drum would get so hot that the built up lint in the inaccessible part of the appliance would actually ignite!

I just happened to be walking past when the fire caught. I smelled smoke, opened the door, and saw flames behind the grill in the back of the drum. We got a new dryer off Craigslist shortly thereafter.

(It doesn’t sound too bad here because I made this recording from downstairs, three rooms away.)