80 seconds of Otis snoring outside Chipotle

An unexpected challenge of having kids is that nap timing needs to be very precise. Sarah and I developed a habit of driving to Watertown for Chipotle burritos soon after moving to Potsdam. This was before Otis was born and aside from making sure we didn’t leave the dogs home alone too long, we could go whenever we wanted. Now, with kids, we seem to have very small but ambiguously defined windows.

Back when I recorded this, when Otis was three and a half, we had determined that he would need to nap before getting to lunch. If he hadn’t napped, he’d be grumpy and wouldn’t eat. But the trouble didn’t end there. If he napped too soon, he’d start whining in the car before we got there. If he was still asleep when we got there, we’d have to wake him up and he’d be grumpier still.

Here’s a recording of the latter. We’re parked outside Chipotle, Otis is in the back seat snoring, and we’re in the front regretting our decisions. Listen for the Prius checking out and saying “I want nothing to do with this!” just before the end of the recording.